About 2KG Training

2KG Training is a company specialising in training in Pumps and Pumping Systems aimed at pump companies, consultants, power utilities, water boards, process, petrochemical and mining industry. Based in South Africa, the rest of our group offers pump consulting, system energy assessments, pump selection software and pump performance monitoring. Our stable of international trainers have over 500 years of experience between them.

2KG Training is committed to alleviating the skills shortage that exists in this discipline by assembling a group of highly qualified and experienced experts in various aspects of pump systems operation and management to present a carefully selected curriculum of relevant courses. Through our contacts worldwide, we are able to secure experts in our field, ready to provide in-house or general training to fulfill your requirements.

Pumps and the systems that surround them have been identified as an area where significant training is required across the board, from pump operators and maintenance technicians right through to plant and process engineers. Major pumping systems consume almost 20% of South Africa’s electrical power and account for a significant proportion of the operating costs of many industries. Given the sharply increasing cost and shortage of electricity in this country it is in the interests of these pump user companies to operate and maintain these systems at optimum efficiency wherever possible.

All 2KG courses are accredited for CPD points by the Institute for Certificate Mechanical and Electrical Engineers of South Africa  (ICMEESA).