Pumping Systems 101 – A Real “Old Wive’s Tail”

Issue 3 – October 2017

This month we explore another bad energy practice – throttling of pumps to reduce amps drawn on the motor. Using an analogy to what commonly happens in the kitchen, we dispel the myth that this …

Pumping Systems 101 – Why throttle pumping systems

Issue 2 - July 2017

The traditional solution to the problem of oversized pumps was to use a control valve to reduce the flow back to the original requirement. This would have been acceptable in the distant past before load …

Operation and Maintenance of TurboCompressors – Issue 3 – October 2016 – Fred Geitner

“Operation and Maintenance of Turbocompressors”

Centrifugal compressors or turbocompressors are well known and they are widely used because they are reliable due to their robust and relative simple design. Their main representative is the inline type, often also the “pipeliner”, …

Throttled Pumps = Throttled Profits – Issue 2 – September 2016 – John Tonkin

This month we introduce you to John Tonkin, one of our most experienced trainers specialising in pumps, piping and valves. John’s passion over the years has been around life cycle costing and reducing the overall costs of pumping systems. Although …

The Systems Approach to Pumping – Issue 1 – August 2016 – Harry Rosen

“Pumping Systems 101″

After a difficult year in the training industry, 2KG Training are happy to re-introduce their monthly newsletter with exclusive columns from three experts in their field covering pumps, pipelines, valves and compressors. In our first issue, new …

Pump Guy Article – December 2014 – Issue 35:This New Cheater Bar Makes My Work Easy

“This New Cheater Bar Makes My Work Easy”

You probably won’t believe me when I tell you that new “ROBO-COME-ALONG” brand Cheater Bar set is the most versatile and practical cheater bar you’ll ever try. Heck, I was skeptical at …

Pump Guy Article – October 2014 – Issue 34 – The War on Energy

“The War on Energy”

There’s a war going on. No, I’m not talking about that war. I’m talking about the struggle in every conscious mind and soul to conserve energy and insure an existence for future generations.

Almost everyone I …

Pump Guy Article – September 2014 – Issue 33 – Assumed Knowledge

“Assumed Knowledge”

Hello Pump Guy

I work in maintenance at a rendering plant. We have many centrifugal pumps on site for moving industrial water and treated water. We have boilers, cookers and cooling towers. Every day we blast the walls …

Pump Guy Article – August 2014 – Issue 32 – The Problem with Process Pumps

“The Problem with Process Pumps”

We have many pumps in our everyday lives that give good service with practically no maintenance. The standard automobile has 7 or 8 pumps on it that operate 18-20 years with zero or minimal maintenance.…

Pump Guy Article – July 2014 – Issue 31: Safety’s Lesson for Reliability

“Safety’s Lesson for Reliability”

The medical doctor goes to school for many years. If the doctor opens a family practice, the doctor falls into a routine of treating flu, sprained ankles, allergies and elevated blood pressure. Occasionally, a patient might