Pump Guy Article – July 2014 – Issue 31: Safety’s Lesson for Reliability

“Safety’s Lesson for Reliability”

The medical doctor goes to school for many years. If the doctor opens a family practice, the doctor falls into a routine of treating flu, sprained ankles, allergies and elevated blood pressure. Occasionally, a patient might

Pump Guy Article – May 2014 – Issue 30: Head and Pressure

Hello Pump Guy,

I have a question after reading one of your previous articles. Can you explain further how the head will not be affected by changing the liquid handled? The head and pressure are both dependent on the specific …

Pump Guy Article – April 2014 – Issue 29: Reasons Why the Pump Guy Doesn’t Write an Advice Column

I found the Pump Guy on the Internet about 6 months ago. You always make so much sense. I feel like we’re old friends.

I spend most days sitting at a computer screen in an industrial supply house. I …

Pump Guy Article – March 2014 – Issue 28: Red Cheeks at Sunset

Ah, the Good Life! I was called to a Caribbean Island last month. A famous, 5-star tourist resort contracted the Pump Guy to resolve a sick pump.

Five hours after leaving the snow and ice, I was in the tropics, …

Pump Guy Article – February 2014 – Issue 27: Premature Seal Failure

“Premature Seal Failure”

In the Pump Guy seminars, I frequently begin by asking, “Why did you register for the class? What is your major maintenance concern with pumps?” Most participants answer that they want to extend the running time of

Pump Guy Article – January 2014 – Issue 26: Shear Logic Continued

“Shear Logic Continued”

In the November 2013 issue of the 2KG Newsletter, we considered an email from the supervising engineer at a consulting firm. The firm designs and builds fossil fuel / nuclear power stations. The engineer and his cohorts

Pump Guy Article Issue 25: The Pump

“The Pump”

In earlier years, my life revolved around pumps. I started my work career as an apprentice pump mechanic in a southern steel mill. Then, I worked with pumps in the US Navy. I worked many years in maintenance

Pump Guy Article Issue 24: Shear Logic

“Shear Logic”

I always like it when someone offers an opinion, or asks a question in my pump seminar. The person who asks a question is representing the others, who might be afraid to ask.

The request for more information …

Pump Guy Article Issue 23: Pump Guy Logic

“Pump Guy Logic”

Every day, unsolicited emails, papers and reports arrive to my computer about pumps and energy. One paper says 5% of all industrial energy goes to pumps. Another paper says pumping systems account for nearly 20% of the

Pump Guy Article Issue 22: Thoughts from a Hotel Room in El Salvador

“Thoughts from a Hotel Room in El Salvador”

Just as every journey begins with the first step, efficiency and conservation are the first steps on the path toward energy independence. So, the Pump Guy will offer some thoughts on efficiency