Pump Guy Article Issue 21: A New Day

“A New Day”

If some imaginary coach or drill sergeant ordered you to run viciously, first in one direction for 80-metres, then in another direction for 30-metres, followed by another dash in a different direction for 50-metres, many people would

Pump Guy Article Issue 20: Design Operation Maintenance

“Design Operation Maintenance”

It was 1968. I was a mechanic (artisan) in a Birmingham, Alabama steel mill. One day my boss (his name was L & N) gave me a new part to install in a cooling pond re-circulation pump.

Pump Guy Article Issue 19: Who Needs this Pump?

“Who Needs this Pump?”

Hi Larry,

I just read your cheat sheet article called Unwritten Pump Rules. Really interesting information! I found the article and your name on the Internet as I begin a research project.

Regarding pumps, I’m a …

Pump Guy Article Issue 18: More RESPECT



Can you help? I am an engineer at a Canadian power plant. We have O-ring problems with our boiler feed pumps. The O-rings between stages 3 and 6 are hardening, leaking and damaging some of the inner …

Pump Guy Article Issue 17: Reliable by Design

“Reliable by Design”

A process pump has a preferred zone of performance. This is the optimum head and flow for long-term service life with low maintenance. The pump curve shows this preferred performance zone.

The equipment operator can consult the …

Pump Guy Article Issue 16: Due RESPECT


Let”s say you notice a drop of oil on the ground where you park your Ferrari every night. How did the drop of oil escape from the engine block? Did the oil splash from the dipstick spout? Did …

Pump Guy Article Issue 15: Horseshoes, Grenades and Pumps

“Horseshoes, Grenades and Pumps”

What is the doctor’s reference point when he says, “You have 2-degrees of fever”? Does he mean 2-degrees above 0 degree celsius? Does he mean 2-degrees above the previous patient in the examination room? No. He …

Pump Guy Article Issue 14: Variable Speed Motors

“Variable Speed Pumps”

Hello Pump Guy,

I am a staff engineer at a consulting engineering firm. I am conducting a feasibility study on a centrifugal pump modification at a dam in India.

The pump’s flow is currently governed by a …

Pump Guy Article Issue 13: “I Know, I Think!”

“I Know, I Think!”

I have two projects today, a Pump Guy article for 2KG Training and my yearly medical exam. Phindi, who edits the 2KG Newsletter, needs the Pump Guy article for distribution in mid-December. I have plenty of …

Pump Guy article Issue 1: Affinity Police on Patrol

“Affinity Police on patrol”
If the police catch you robbing a bank, you will go to criminal court to defend your actions. If the radar gun records you speeding on the highway,you”ll go to traffic court. You certainly don”t want …