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Introduction Diagrams • Simple End Suction Pump • Pump Cross Section • Parts List • ANSI Pump Curve Sensitivity for Pump Reliability • API Pump Curve Practices • High Speed & High Head Pump Curve Centrifugal Pump Fundamentals • How Centrifugal Pump…More

Number of days: 2
Trainer: Steve Rose

DESCRIPTION: Positive Displacement Pumps have many critical uses in industry but it is essential that the correct type of pump is selected. There is a wide variety to choose from each having their own advantages and disadvantages. A correctly selected…More

DESCRIPTION: This course is endorsed by Eskom DSM and the National Energy Efficiency Agency in the interests of saving electricity Designed to help engineers and technicians better understand how optimising both existing and new pumping systems will le…More

Number of days: 4
Trainer: Harry Rosen

Participants will leave the training with specific knowledge to eliminate mysterious pump failures, improve the running time and service life on a population of industrial pumps.   Discover the key elements necessary to avoid : Unnecessary capital…More