API 653 Aboveground Storage Tanks Preparation For Inspection Certification Exam

Presenter: Alex Fereidooni


Dr. Alex Fereidooni has over 20 years experience as both an owner-user and a consultant providing engineering support to refineries and chemical plants, storage facilities worldwide. He is a specialist in Storage tanks, pressure vessel and piping desig…More

Number of days:5
Date and Venue:
April 8, 2019
Johannesburg, CedarWoods of Sandton


The candidates must be employed or under contract to an authorized inspection agency or user as defined in API 653.
The candidates must have one of the following combinations of education and experience:
• BSc or higher : 1 year supervision or performance of inspection activities of above ground storage tanks
• BTech or Matric : 2-3 years Design, construction, repair, operation or inspection of AST, of which 1 year must be in
supervision or performance of inspection activities of above ground storage tanks


This course is designed to maximize your success in passing the API 653 Tank Inspector Certification Examination. It
includes mock exams and homework assignments, all designed to ensure you are in the best position possible when it
comes to writing the exam.


The American Petroleum Institute (API) initiated an Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector Certification Program with the
issuance of Supplement 1 to API 653, Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration, and Reconstruction. This program promotes
safe storage and material handling of petroleum products in a manner that protects employees, the public, and the
environment. The program was developed with the participation storage tank owner/users, and establishes a uniform
national program that will assist state and local governments in above ground storage tank regulations.


Morning Session
• Pre Test, Initial Math Quiz
• Review Math Quiz Answers
• Overview of Course Outline
• Review of API 653 Body of Knowledge

Afternoon Session
API 653 Section 1 – Scope
• Introduction
• Compliance with This Standard
• Jurisdiction
• Safe Working Practices

API 653 Section 2 – Referenced Publications
API 653 Section 3 – Definitions

API 653 Section 4 – Suitability For Service
• General, Basic Considerations
• Assessment Procedure


Morning Session
Review Homework Answers
API 653 Section 6 – Inspection General
• Inspection Frequency Considerations
• Inspections from the Outside of the Tank
• Internal Inspection, Alternative to Internal Inspection to Determine Bottom Thickness
• Preparatory Work for Internal Inspection
• Inspection Checklists
• Records, Reports
• Non-Destructive Testing

API 653 Section 7 – Materials General
• New Materials
• Original Materials for Reconstructed Tanks
• Welding Consumables

API 653 Section 8 Design Considerations for Reconstructed Tanks
• General
• New Weld Joints
• Existing Weld Joints
• Shell Design, Shell Penetrations
• Wind Girders and Shell Stability, Roofs, Seismic Design

API 653 – Section 9 – Tank Repair And Alteration
• General
• Removal and Replacement of Shell Plate Material
• Shell Repairs Using Lap-Welded Patch Plates
• Repair of Defects in Shell Plate Material
• Alteration of Tank Shells to Change Shell Height
• Repair of Defective Welds, Repair of Shell Penetrations
• Addition or Replacement of Shell
• Penetrations, Alteration of Existing Shell Penetrations
• Plates
• Welding Electrodes
• Repair of Tank Bottoms, Repair of Fixed Roofs
• Floating Roofs, Repair or Replacement of Floating Room Perimeter Seals
• Hot Taps

Afternoon Session
API 653 Section 10 – Dismantling And Reconstruction
• General
• Cleaning and Gas Freeing
• Dismantling Methods, Reconstructions
• Dimensional Tolerances

API 653 Section 11 – Welding
• Welding
• Qualifications
• Identification and Records

API 653 Section 12 Examination And Testing
• Nondestructive Examination
• Radiographs; Hydrostatic Testing
• Leak Tests
• Measured Settlement During Hydrostatic Testing

API 653 Section 13 Marking And Recordkeeping
• Nameplates; Recordkeeping
• Certification

API 653 Appendices A – G
• Administer API 653 Section Quiz


Morning Session
Review Homework Answers
API 650 – Section 1 – Scope
• General; Limitations
• Compliance; Referenced Publications

API 650 – Section 2 – Materials
• General
• Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
• Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
• Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
• Stud Arc Welding (SW)

Afternoon Session
API 650 – Section 3 – Design
• Joints; Bottom Plates
• Annular Bottom Plates; Shell Design
• Shell Openings
• Shell Attachments and Tank Appurtenances
• Roofs
• Wind Load on Tanks (Overturning Stability)

API 650 – Section 4 – Fabrication
API 650 – Section 5 – Erection
• General; Details of Welding
• Inspection; Testing and Repairs
• Repairs to Welds; Dimensional Tolerances

Morning Session
Review Homework Answers
API RP 577 -Section 1
• Scope

API RP 577 – Section 3
• Definitions

API RP 577 – Section 4 – Welding Inspection Tasks
• Prior To, During, and Upon Completion of Welding Operations;
• Non-conformances and Defects; NDE Examiner Certification;
• Safety Precautions

API RP 577 – Section 5 – Welding Processes
• Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
• Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)

API RP 577 – Section 11 – Refinery and Petrochemical Plant Welding Issues
API RP 577 – Appendix A – Terminology and Symbols
• Weld Joint Types, Weld Symbols, Weld Joint Nomenclature, Electrode Identification
• ASME Section V – Non-destructive Test Methods
• Ultrasonic Thickness Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Radiographic Film Interpretation

Afternoon Session
ASME Section IX – WPS and PQR Requirements
• Review Procedure Exercise

ASME Section IX – Welder Certification


Morning Session
Review Homework Answers
Question and Answer Session
API 653 Sample Exam

Afternoon Session
• Review API 653 Exam Answer

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