Reliability Improvement

Presenter: Riaan Breedt

Riaan Breedthas a BSc Eng (Mech) from Pretoria University followed by a 20 career perfecting rotordynamic design and developing high speed test equipment. Riaan founded the company Vibrakon in 1984 that mainly dealt with machine rotordynamic design; th…More

Number of days:3
Date and Venue:
November 26, 2019
Johannesburg, CedarWoods of Sandton


Reliability is the ability of a system to perform its required function under stated conditions for a specified period of time. In real life however, actual plant reliability is almost always lower than it was designed for and built to achieve.
Research shows that only 11% of failures are age related with 89% due to random failure.

The following are the main causes for these failures:
Poor design, poor quality manufacture, Incorrect installation, Incorrect commissioning, Incorrect operation, Unnecessary routine maintenance, Excessively invasive maintenance, Bad workmanship

This course addresses these reasons for not achieving this ‘design reliability’ It presents a typical reliability program; the implementation thereof and trains attendees in the key areas of plant reliability with particular focus on the differences that can be achieved by focusing at shop floor level.

Who should attend?

Plant Engineers, Reliability Engineers, Consulting Engineers, Maintenance Managers, Instrumentation Technicians, Pump Operators, Artisans, Mechanical Foremen, Process Engineers and Equipment Specialists.

Course outline:


1.     Introduction to Reliability

  • Reliability Definition & Terminology
  • Reliability Relationships
    – ISO 55000
    – Maintenance
    – Business
    – Risk
  • Reliability Vision (for the Enterprise)

2.     How, why and when equipment fail & available strategies


3.     RCM Methodology

      • RCM Background
      • RCM Fundamentals
      • Asset Prioritization
      • Maintenance Optimization
      • RCM Facilitation
      • RCM Implementation

RCM Benefits


4.     RCM Outcomes

  • Time Based Maintenance (PM)
    General PM Definition
    – Optimize Work Procedures & Implementation
    – Workforce Maturity Development
  •  Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)
    General CBM Definition
    – Condition Monitoring Introduction
    – Asset Basic Care Inspections
    -Vibration Monitoring
    – Oil Analysis
    – IR Thermography
    – Motor Current Analysis
  • Pro-Active Maintenance (PAM)
    RCM Mechanics (Installation/Laser Alignment/Balance)
    – RCT (Lubrication Application/Contamination Control)
  •  Improvement Maintenance (IM)
    Incident management
    – Pareto Data
    – FRACAS
    – RCFA
    – Redesign


5.   Reliability Audit

6.   Live Reliability System

  • EAM
  • Strategy Development
  • Incident Management
  • Downtime Data Management


7.   Reliability Indicators

  • Reliability Metrics
    - MTBF/MTTF/MTTR/Availability
    - KPIs
  • Reliability Portal

8.   Life Cycle Costing

9.   Live RCM system

Please Note:
The precise content may change on the day depending on the specific needs of the delegates.

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