Pump Guy Article – December 2014 – Issue 35:This New Cheater Bar Makes My Work Easy

“This New Cheater Bar Makes My Work Easy”

You probably won’t believe me when I tell you that new “ROBO-COME-ALONG” brand Cheater Bar set is the most versatile and practical cheater bar you’ll ever try. Heck, I was skeptical at first, too! Even after learning about ROBO COME-ALONG’S specially designed “Moistu-grip” handle.

I still thought, “Come On!” How much better could a manufactured cheater bar be than a cheater bar made in the pipe shop? But once you’ve felt for yourself the heavenly sensation of a balanced, vanadium steel cheater bar sliding over the greasy, rusted handle of your favorite pipe wrench, you’re sure to agree: ROBO COME-ALONG is the most luxurious cheater bar you’ll ever jack on a rusted nut with!

WOW! When it comes to busting-off your most cantankerous face flange bolt clean as a whistle, removing every last sticky glob of that stinking, disgusting anti-seize from the puckered surface of the washer ring, ROBO COME-ALONG just can’t be beat. Its exclusive almost invisible digital warning sensors detect 30 percent more electricity and pressure in pipes and fittings, permitting you to totally bypass those complicated and confusing “Lock-Out / Tag-Out Procedures.

Just grab your trusty ROBO COME-ALONG cheater bar, slide it onto your wrench or lever, and stick it onto any rusted fastener, even in those dark, damp, spider-infested areas, where moths and lizards can get trapped for days. This ROBO COME-ALONG cheater bar has an exclusive battery-operated headlight and will find that bolt head in places where you wouldn’t want to put your hand.

And, it’ll magnetize all your wrenches, sockets and screw drivers so that they’ll never again drop into the abyss. Heck! They’ll all stick to your toolbox wall.

And ROBO COME-ALONG is more than just the most technically advanced cheater bar ever designed, manufactured, and marketed for the purpose of twisting off frozen nuts and bolts: it’s also the softest. I can’t believe how good it feels pressed into my calloused, arthritic palms.

Sure, I thought the cheater bars made in the pipe shop were good, but after trying ROBO COME-ALONG, I could scarcely believe the difference.

Compared to the sumptuous comfort of ROBO COME-ALONG, the cheater bars made in the pipe shop feel like a corroded mill-scaled two-inch cast iron pipe, abrading and blistering my fingers and palms down to a chafed and bloody pulp.

What makes the ROBO COME-ALONG cheater bar so versatile is the “moistu-grip” handle. It absorbs, grease, knockerloose, pipe dope, sweat, nose candy, and any other bodily residue. No need to wipe it onto my clean Nomex jump suit. I even stopped using gloves with my ROBO COME-ALONG.

This amazing cheater bar incorporates an exclusive internal latex sheath on the tube end. The sheath, filled with silicone, fits into the tube and then slides over the end of any single or double-ended wrench, pliers, driver, socket head handle, or crescent wrench. The small model fits into a standard lunch box, so you can walk out of the plant with your own personal model without detection. And, it comes with an attachment for those short Allen wrenches and a modified crowfoot to use with the precision screwdrivers for hinge screws on my reading glasses.

You can purchase your ROBO COME-ALONG cheater bars individually, or do like I did, and buy a whole matched set. It’s available in inches or metrics. The American cheater bar kit comes in inch diameter sizes from 1 through 6 inches. And, it comes in metric sizes from 25.4 mm through 152.4 mm for export.

ROBO COME-ALONG goes the extra mile by making its own grunting noise when I use it so my companions and supervisors think I’m really putting my back into my nut-busting. It even emits a smell to leave no doubt. And all the while, it leaves my entire torso feeling of pampered, cushiony goodness floating away on a pillowy-soft cartoon cloud.

It’s what the good folks at “Bulldick Industries”, manufacturers of ROBO COME-ALONG, like to call “M.P.S.T.”—My Personal Slacker Ticket”.

Sure, the ROBO COME-ALONG cheater bar costs a bit more. But my arthritic joints and slipped disks are worth it. It’s enough to make a pump mechanic or pipe fitter open a window and shout to the world, “I Love You, ROBO COME-ALONG!”.