ASME Section IX – Welding and Brazing

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Presenter: Walter J. Sperko
Walter J. Sperko, P.E. is President of Sperko Engineering Services, Inc, a consulting firm specializing in metal fabrication technology, including material selection, welding, heat treating, inspection, quality assurance and failure analysis. He has particular experience in piping and pressure vessel fabrication…More



This is a basic three day course which will train the participants to comply with the requirements of ASME Section IX, Welding and Brazing Qualifications. Participants will gain a working knowledge of ASME Section IX. A review of the welding processes and variables, and a review of basic welding metallurgy will be conducted in order to provide all participants with sufficient background in welding technology to interpret and understand Section IX. The mechanics of using Section IX and how to address its requirements will be explained in a simple, straightforward manner.

Emphasis will be placed on writing welding procedures so that they contribute positively to the manufacturing process and on qualifying procedures in a costeffective manner. The requirements for welders, brazers and operators will be examined with particular emphasis on minimizing the cost and maximizing the usefulness of qualifications. Time will be provided to address individual participant’s problems and concerns.

Attendees will receive copies of the course notes covering the course’s content. Attendees must bring a copy of the current edition of Section IX, however, extracts sufficient to follow the course will be provided

ASME Section IX Seminar Outline:

Historical perspective of welding and code development
The relationship of Section IX to other codes
The secret to using Section IX efficiently

Review of the welding processes: fuel gas, shielded metal arc, gas tungsten arc, gas metal arc, submerged arc, plasma arc, electroslag, electrogas, electron beam, stud, friction, resistance, explosion.

Indepth review of SMAW variables. Additional subtopics addressed:

  • Pnumbers, Snumbers and noncode metals, steel metallurgy; hardenability; preheat and postweld heat treatment
  • Filler metal specifications including F-numbers; A numbers; SFA specifications; non SFA filler metals
  • Variables for other common processes

Practical Aspects:

  • Approaches to writing the welding procedure specification
  • Addressing customer requirements
  • Providing direction to the welder
  • Sources of information for preparing intelligent and meaningful welding procedure specifications

Selecting, preparing, and welding the test coupon. Subtopics addressed:

  • Selection of the test coupon materials for maximum costeffectiveness
  • Recording both necessary and worthwhile data and demonstrating code compliance
  • Practical session: Approaches to writing the WPSs: Samples of the good, the bad and the ugly. Section IX form; other formats; checklists
  • Revisions to records and procedures
  • Take home test

Welder and welding operator qualifications:

  • Responsibility for testing welders and welding operators
  • Performance qualification Variables – Welders vs. Operators
  • Selecting test coupons and testing completed welds
  • Maintaining qualifications over time

Impact Tested Qualifications:

  • Learn how welding influences toughness and how construction codes deal with toughness
  • Upgrading WPSs for impact tested applications
  • Supplementary Essential variables and documenting them during welding
  • Measuring and recording heat input data and translating heat input data into useful directions for a welder

Brazing Qualifications:

  • Review of Brazing processes and variables
  • Differences between the QW (welding) and QB (brazing) sections
  • Qualification of the brazing procedure and brazers
  • Differences in testing between welding and brazing

Please Note:
The precise content may change on the day depending on the specific needs of the delegates.

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