Audits of Existing Rotating Machinery Installations

Presenter: Claire Soares


Course Objective

Upon completion of this course, participants will gain a basic understanding of the main components and subsystems of audit procedures. They will learn to critique the advantages, applications, performance, and economics of different plant features and alternative features that audits may indicate need to be retrofitted.

Participants will learn about the influence of various auxiliary systems including instrumentation and controls, process accessories, the process itself, and how this can contribute to an effective audit. They will also learn some basics about the role of operations personnel and training and how they can help maximize audit effectiveness.

Participants will discover the basics required in minimizing operating cost and optimizing efficiency, reliability, and component longevity and will learn about the overall legislative limits the plant must operate within (including monitoring and control of environmental emissions) and any changes in same. They will gain insights into predictive and preventive maintenance, reliability and testing, and what that does for audit planning. Finally, they will discover some of the latest technology in all of the above and identify methods for self-improvement.


  • System engineers involved in improving reliability, plant operators, and maintenance staff.
  • Manufacturers and engineering consultants.
  • Plant performance department candidates

Course Highlights:

Introduction Diagrams

  • Simple End Suction Pump
  • Pump Cross Section
  • Parts List
  • ANSI Pump Curve Sensitivity for Pump Reliability
  • API Pump Curve Practices
Centrifugal Pump Fundamentals

  • How Centrifugal Pumps work
  • Radial Thrust
  • Axial Thrust
  • Calculating Pump Total Head
  • Typical Centrifugal Pump Performance Curves
  • Centrifugal Pump Affinity Laws
  • Calculating the power input required by the Pump
  • What is NPSH required and NPSH available
  • How to deal with unsatisfactory NPSH problems
  • Cavitation
  • What is Specific Speed – Ns or Nq
  • Typical Characteristic Curve Shapes for Centrifugal Pumps
  • Flow Control in Centrifugal Pumps

Case Studies

  • Influence of Roughness Estimate on Sytem Performance/Bloemwater
  • Inlet Conditions Leading to Problems
    • Knysna – Pump Station
    • Duvha – Condensate Extraction Pump Bearing Failures
  • Dynamic Pressure starting from Start Up
    • Case Study 1 – Ash Water Return System
    • Case Study 2 – BosloopWintershoek Water Supply Pipeline
  • Complex Vibrations Related to Boiler Feed Pump Barrel Casings – Lethabo EFB 4B
  • CPP Vibrations – Lethabo
  • LPH Drain Pumps Failure and Half Flow Pump Motor Vibrations/Koeberg
  • Ejector Water Pump Bearing Failures – Lethabo
  • Cavitation Paper
  • NPSH Calculations – Tutuka
  • Vibrations in Centrifugal Pumps
  • Vibration Guide Line
  • Allianz Handbook of Loss Prevention

Please Note:
The precise content may change on the day depending on the specific needs of the delegates.

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