Daniel Francis

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Daniel Francis

Daniel Francis has practiced engineering in the design, fabrication, repair and fitness for service evaluation of pressure equipment for over 21 years in the petrochemical industry. Having vast experience with ASME pressure vessel Codes and Standards, his knowledge also spans other recognized standards such as API, EN13445, AD Merkblatt and BS-5500.

Daniel’s work has spanned multiple geographical boarders, including South Africa, Japan, China, India, Middle East, USA, Canada and several parts of Europe. This diverse international experience has exposed him to multiple regulatory frameworks and their applications to pressure equipment quality assurance and integrity assessment techniques.

As a specialist in advanced vessel design engineering, Daniel is skilled in stress analysis verifications and complex mechanical integrity evaluations such as creep, fatigue, dynamic response and fracture mechanics. With extensive experience in providing technical support to petrochemical operations, Daniel is talented in strategizing and scoping innovative and detailed mechanical engineering solutions to permit the safe continued operation of critical equipment.

Over the years, Daniel been instrumental in mentoring and training engineers in responsible pressure vessel design, evaluation and quality assurance. He has developed and presented practical programs to equip engineers, technicians and inspectors with critical knowledge and application of pressure vessel design and fitness for service standards.

Daniel is proficient in developing fit-for-purpose and realistic user specifications, and is an advisor to Operators on procedural requirements which ensure quality designs, fabrication, inspection, testing and maintenance of pressure equipment.
Daniel’s ASME membership and participation in Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Committee meetings helps translate the background to many of the Code rules, and allows advance knowledge of upcoming Code changes.

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