Fahim Shadid


Fahim Shadid, P.E has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and MS degree in Engineering Mechanics.

Over the years and with his association with ASME he has attained expert knowledge of the ASME codes Sections VIII Divisions 1 and 2 and Sections II A and D, NBIC, API 510, API 579, PD5500, AS1210, API, AWWA, ASTM, ASCE and ANSI standards.

Fahim did extensive development work to provide in-house tools for the new ASME Section VIII Division 2. This included area replacement, buckling and NDE. He was also asked to review drafts for the re-write as well as proposed revisions. In addition, he prepared the documents for code recertification including the User’s design specification. As a professional Engineer, he has certified many ASME Division 2 vessels prior to and after 2007.

He has 41 years of experience in the design, analysis and fabrication of pressure equipment and special structures including refinery turnarounds for the Petro Chemical Industry. He has hands on applying the ASME Codes Sections VIII Divisions 1 and 2, Sections II-A & D, NBIC, API 510, API 579, ASCE-7 and international codes such as the PD5500 and AS1210. His work includes training of new Engineers. He has 3 patents in applicable areas.

Projects included FCC Units, Vacuum columns, Crude columns, Coke drums, Hydrotreater Reactors, Heavy wall vessels, Sasol Synthol loops, Blimps, Mounded blimps, Spheres, Nuclear Waste Vessels, Towers plus many others. His work includes domestic and international locations including South Africa, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, South America, Japan, France, Italy, the Hague and the Middle East.

For the last three years he has worked with EPC companies preparing FEED and EPC documents for several projects.

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