John Sykes

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John Sykes

As an experienced engineer he has worked in a variety of industrial sectors at both technicial and supervisory levels having specialized in reliability engineering and condition monitoring for the last eleven years, involving high level machinery diagnostics of large rotating equipment using both ADRE and ZonichBook

  • Development and management of the AVT condition monitoring training centre for internal and external delegates
  • Owner of the AVT Advanced level rotating equipment diagnostic courses and input into AVT’s training modules for VA Cat I and Cat II
  • Course instructor on VA Cat I and Cat II courses
  • Successfully implemented Integrated Maintenance Systems at a number of customer sites Managing an evaluation project for an Integrated Enterprise Asset Managers System(Maintelligence) in order for AV Technology Ltd. to become a UK and European Partner of DMSI (Maintelligence Vendor)

Courses by John Sykes

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