Ricky Meyer

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Ricky Meyer

Almost 30 years’ experience in the Oil and Chemical process industries. Has been active in a wide range of applications in Operations, Maintenance, Inspection and Reliability matters, including: API653/API650, EEMUA159, EN/BSI, NDT procedures, Tank Engineering, Pipeline Inspection, Quality management, Risk Based Inspection, Integrity Management. Member (from 1999–2005) of the Storage Tanks Committee of the EEMUA organisation and co-author of several EEMU Apublications. Due to this membership, involvement or participation in other standards (e.g. BREF, EN, BSI, API).

Rick has worked almost 17 years for Shell headquarters in the Hague in the total field of Inspection, Maintenance, Engineering, Repair and Reliability of conventional and pressurised storage vessels/tanks. Actively participates in implementation and reviewing Integrity Maintenance/Management Systems and Maintenance Programs. Currently working as reliability engineer for Verantio Europe which is founded by a team of experts with solid engineering and integrity background.

Verantio provides practical hands-on support and engineering solutions to their clients. Their “knowledge” is based on industry best practices as derived from many years of international experience in the consultation, operation, inspection, training and engineering support services as applied in the industry with focus on existing equipment.

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