Willem v.d. Westhuisen

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Willem joined Eskom in 1982 as a Pupil Technician. In 1989 he became a Technologist-in Training and in 1993 he became a Senior Consultant and later a Chief Consultant (Boiler feed pumps and pumps in general). In 1987 he had the opportunity to gain design and research experience at Sulzer Pumps head office in Switzerland. He joined Sulzer South Africa in January 2000 as a Senior Design Engineer in the pump department. His main responsibilities were to apply his knowledge and experience to pump design, investigations, tests, and research and development activities.

Willem resigned from Sulzer in October 2005 and started his own pump consulting business, OPTIMUM PUMPING SOLUTIONS CC.

Willem lectures in mechanical subjects part-time for candidates enrolled for the GCC course at Eskom College, as well as presenting a two day Pump Course for Industry. Willem has written 10 National and 5 International papers on various aspects of pumps. He also presented a paper entitled “Predicting Cavitation and Pump Performance Characteristics by Means of Numerical Flow Simulation and CFD Calculation” at the recent International Pump Conference held at Gallagher Estate Midrand in June 2005.

Courses by Willem v.d. Westhuisen

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