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Presenter: Alex Fereidooni

Dr. Alex Fereidooni has over 20 years experience as both an owner-user and a consultant providing engineering support to refineries and chemical plants, storage facilities worldwide. He is a specialist in Storage tanks, pressure vessel and piping design/analysis and performing Fitness-For-Service assessments…More



Intensive training in world-class Tank Farm Inspection and Maintenance Management Strategies for Modern Storage Tanks, Tank Farms and Tank Terminals.  The goal of the course is to achieve accurate life prediction, maximum life extension and optimised performance for existing facilities.


The course is suitable for storage tank terminal managers, Project engineers, inspectors and operators involved with storage tank facility management, maintenance and operation/ design / fabrication / erection / modifications


  • Extend the life of aging tanks and teach state of the art maintenance practice to help tank terminal and farm operators cope with current challenges.
  • Learn the world’s best instruction on tank and tank farm lifetime integrity management
  • Explore various options such as tank repair, alteration and reconstruction
  • Apply the latest technology, tools and procedures on the instrumentation, inspection and maintenance of tanks and tank farms in order to achieve the maximum performance and efficiency
  • Develop tank and tank farm inspection plans and intervals and set up inspection and maintenance programs/schedules
  • State-of-the-Art finite element analysis to develop best fit maintenance program for storage tanks and perform Fitness-For-Service assessments using the rules of API and international codes.
  • Master the most effective tank evaluation techniques and perform tank life prediction calculations with dominant failure modes
  • Assess the configuration, operation and management practices of tank farms in terms of facility capacity, operational effectiveness, and the cost/benefit of feed, intermediate and product storage
  • Appreciate the importance of codes, standards, regulations & recommended practices in terms of hazard and safety management
  • Recognize considerations of materials of construction & various corrosion protection strategies and tactics including cleaning, coating, & cathodic protection
  • Perform fire protection of tanks & tank farms: venting, frangible roofs, flame & detonation arrestors, protection from ignition by static electricity, principles & practices of bonding and grounding, principles of inerting, electrical classification, selection criteria for fire suppression systems
  • Apply tank emission control measures & procedures to satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Execute a system approach on tank and tank farm operations including tank entry, tank bottoms, sludge/desludging, source reduction, mitigation, vapour freeing, degassing and tank cleaning
  • Distinguish the function of structural parts and fittings for conventional storage tanks
  • Explain the design and operational aspects of storage tanks, tank farm and tank terminals

Please Note:
The precise content may change on the day depending on the specific needs of the delegates.

For volume discounts and in-house rates, please contact:
Phindi Mbedzi at 2KG Training
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