API 650 & 653 Advanced Storage Tanks

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Presenter: Ricky Meyer

Almost 30 years’ experience in the Oil and Chemical process industries. Has been active in a wide range of applications in Operations, Maintenance, Inspection and Reliability matters, including: API653/API650, EEMUA159, EN/BSI, NDT procedures, Tank Engineering, Pipeline Inspection, Quality management…More



To present various common storage facilities for liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons and explain their configuration, tank farm requirements, design, operation and maintenance aspects. Course lecturing will be by means of presentations material, classical discussions, group exercises, and case studies.
Designed for:

The course is suitable for storage tank engineers, inspectors, and operators involved with storage tank design/fabrication/erection/modifications/ maintenance and operation.

By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

Distinguish function of structural parts of and fittings to conventional storage tanks
Explain design and operational aspects of storage tanks
Set up inspection and maintenance programmes/schedules
Differentiate maintenance methods (condition/repair)
Define the maintenance scope
How to read Inspection Reports properly

Course highlights:

Review of codes requirements, structural design, materials, fabrication, and erection for new storage tanks
Tank Shell Design (1-foot method, Variable design point method)
Tank Roof Design
Tank bottom layout design
Tank material selection
Tank internal structural members design
Shell opening and Nozzle design
Wind and Seismic loading analysis
Tank foundation design
Elevated temperature tanks design
Internal external floating roof
Tanks with internal pressure
Tank construction, welding qualification and procedure
Inspection of Storage Tanks, NDE tests
Corrosion evaluation and tank life prediction calculation
Tank shell, roof, bottom, and foundation evaluation
Introduction to Brittle Fracture Mechanics
Tank repair and alteration
Pre and post weld heat treatment
Dismantling and reconstruction
Tank settlement criteria, measurement, and evaluation
Tank lifting methods and stress induced on tank shell, roof and corner welds
Tank ventilation requirements API 2000
Tank maintenance and repair management (Tank program-data sheet)
Old riveted tank design to API 12 A, maintenance-repair
Tank operations level set up API 2350
Introduction to API 580-581 Risk based Inspection Planning
Introduction to API 571 damage mechanism
Introduction to Fit-For-Service API 579
Introduction to Finite Element Modelling of storage tanks
Tank stress evaluation

Please Note:
The precise content may change on the day depending on the specific needs of the delegates.

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Courses by API 650 & 653 Advanced Storage Tanks

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