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About the course:

This course provides an introduction to bearing technology, including bearing description, terminology, different types of bearings, and typical applications. It provides an insight into design and features of bearings and includes information on lubricants, fits and tolerance’s, mounting and dismounting, and discusses causes of failure and failure analysis.

Who should attend?

This course is ideally designed for Maintenance Engineers and Technicians, Service Engineers, Operations staff, Artisans, Managers and Reliability Engineers. Any person responsible for or involved with bearing performance and reliability will benefit from attending this course.

After the course:

Attendees should be able to select bearings, make design and lubrication recommendations, understand the principals of mounting and dismounting bearings, understand fits and tolerances, and trouble shoot bearing failure.

Course outline:

Introduction to bearing Technology

  • Introduction, Principals of friction
  • Components, terminology, and types of rolling element – bearings
  • The bearing numbering system and significance of pr- fix and suffix characters
  • Construction of Bearing, Components and their functions
  • Material of construction
  • Bearing design for misalignment compensation
  • Bearing life by design
  • Tools, service equipment’s and Installation
  • Precautions for Proper Handling of Bearings
  • Inspection of Bearings

Lubricant Types, Uses and Selection Criteria

  • Role of lubricating media in machine
  • Bearing Lubricating oil / grease selection
  • Lubricating oil property, Quality and quantity of lubricant
  • Use of additives in lubricant, Effect of lubrication on Bearing life
  • Selection of Lubricant in extreme weather conditions
  • Calculating relubrication intervals
  • Calculating relubrication quantities

Fits and Tolerance’s

  • The importance of Fits and Tolerances
  • Learning how to select the correct fit and tolerance
  • Effects of incorrect fits and tolerance’s
  • Fits and tolerances for different applications
  • Understanding ISO tolerances

Mounting and Dismounting

  • Cleaning the bearings and related parts.
  • Checking the dimensions and finish of related parts.
  • Mounting
  • Inspection after mounting.
  • Mounting of Bearings with Cylindrical Bores
  • Press Fits
  • Bearing Induction Heaters
  • Mounting of Bearings with Tapered Bores
  • Mounting of Spherical Roller Bearings with Tapered Bores
  • Dismounting of Outer Rings
  • Dismounting of Bearings with Cylindrical Bores
  • Dismounting of Bearings with Tapered Bores

Causes of Failure and Failure Analysis

  • Why do bearing fail, bearing failure stages
  • Types of wear, Major signals of bearing failure
  • Methods of Failure analysis
  • Safety precautions that are essential for working
  • Bearing Servicing procedure, Bearing check sheet
  • Troubleshooting Bearing Failures and Countermeasures

Please Note:
The precise content may change on the day depending on the specific needs of the delegates.

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