Pieta Engels

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Pieta Engels

Pieta Engels joined Sasol Secunda in 1985 and started his career as a Fitter Trainee, and qualified as an artisan in 1987. Pieta completed his studies with Anglo American Central Training Unit and Technikon Witwatersrand which was accredited by De Montfort University, to obtain a TDD (Training and Development Diploma) in 1994. Pieta also obtained a TMD (Training Management Diploma) in 1996 from the same institution.

Pieta spent the following 3 years in developing and presenting of training material for artisans in the mechanical and rotating equipment trade, which is fully aligned with NQF/SAQA requirements. After his contribution to the training and development of mechanical artisans and technicians he was appointed as a Rotating Equipment Reliability Practitioner. His contribution towards the development of a reliability management system ensures successful tracking of failures on rotating equipment and mechanical seals. Pieta was also one of the developers and finders of the current Sasol MTBF tracking and database for rotating equipment, where he facilitates and takes part in failure analysis and failure root cause analysis for rotating equipment.

In 2001 Pieta was appointed as a Reliability Representative for a mechanical seal company that was chosen by Sasol as a 5 year alliance partner to improve reliability on mechanical seals.

Pieta joined AESSEAL as a Reliability Specialist in 2008, and practices his mechanical seal and rotating equipment reliability improvement practices and skills to assist the AESSEAL Africa and Saudi Arabia groups. Pieta is involved in an on-going project for AESSEAL to upgrade and convert API 610 selected component mechanical seals, to full cartridge seals. He is currently based in Secunda and newly appointed to be involved with Renewable Energy Projects and sales in the Northern Cape.

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