Riaan Breedt

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Riaan Breedt

Riaan Breedt has a BSc Eng (Mech) from Pretoria University followed by a 20 career perfecting rotordynamic design and developing high speed test equipment. Riaan founded the company Vibrakon in 1984 that mainly dealt with machine rotordynamic design; the development of high-speed test equipment; the solving of related machine dynamic problems, and vibration analysis of industrial equipment.

From 1990 to 1997 Riaan was involved in the introduction of “SKF Condition Monitoring” to the South African market with Vibrakon (his company founded in 1984) responsible for marketing, sales, implementation and training of the then newly introduced SKF products. A team of eight people were involved with this task with Riaan responsible for the installation and commissioning of the first on-line vibration monitoring system on a paper machine in South Africa at Mondi Kraft, Richards Bay.

1997 – 2009 have been spent rendering consulting services to clients, with the emphasis on implementation, training and operating reliability programs as part of their maintenance strategies. The platform for introducing these reliability programs is the Design Maintenance Systems Inc. (DMSI) software (Maintelligence), marketed in South Africa by Vibrakon.

Courses by Riaan Breedt

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