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Free Workshop On Pumping System Assessments

Part three of a series of free technical webinars brought to you by 2KG Training and UNIDO Pump Expert Harry Rosen.

In this free 2 hour teaser webinar Harry provided a high level understanding of the pumps system optimization process …

Pumping systems 101: Advantages and pitfalls of VSDs

Issue 7 – May 2022

UNIDO pump expert and MD of TAS Online, Harry Rosen, uses pump and system curves from typical pumping systems to explain scenarios where variable speed drives (VSDs) are an excellent choice for realising substantial energy …


Issue 6 – May 2021

UNIDO Pump expert Harry Rosen has begun to incorporate UNIDO’s knowledge transfer approach into TAS Online and 2KG pump training courses in South Africa. He talks to MechChem Africa about incorporating practical site-based energy efficiency …


Issue 5 – September 2020

What are Pressure Gauges Actually Telling Us?

This issue discusses the very important role of pressure gauges – why they must be accurate, the need to measure absolute pressure on the suction of a pump, …

Pumping Systems 101 – Getting a Return on your Training Investment

Issue 4 – June 2020

Business is all about getting a return on your investment, and training is not excluded from this. So how do you know that the time and money you’ve invested in a skills development programme is …